Rendez-vous with Nature in Montreal

Our project offered a space for dialogues and exploring collaboration at COP15
The Conferences of the Parties are essential meetings for the biodiversity community and beyond to gather, debate and exchange views on latest topics at stake for the overall Nature and People agenda. COP15 starting on December 7th brought together more than 10,000 people in Montreal to adopt the Global Biodiversity Framework.

Throughout the COP, from December 7th to 19 our project, together with the BIODEV2030 project, both implemented by Expertise France organized “Rendez-vous with Nature” on the #411 stand at the Palais des Congrès.

Twice a day from 9 to 10 a.m. and from 5 to 6 p.m. representatives of NGOs, youth, science organizations, the business sector, cities and sub-national governments, and governments negotiators addressed essential topics for transformative actions to ensure the effective and prompt implementation of the Global Biodiversity Framework. All of them will engage in a debate with the Rendez-vous’ attendees and reflect on issues of common interest.

“In an informal setting, our Rendez-vous with nature gave the space to high-level speakers to take stock on the latest discussions regarding the GBF. A guaranteed moment without brackets! “says Didier Babin, Senior Strategic Scientific Advisor of our project.

Besides the negotiations, outcomes of the many forums and summits happening parallel to the COP (Science-Policy, Business, Subnational Governments & Cities, CEPA Fair, etc.), the Rendez-vous offered real networking opportunities to participants from various sectors.

Here is a list of  the organizations  represented in our Rendez-Vous: ICLEI, European Commissions,AFD,  Business for Nature, GYBN, Climate and Company, ECLAC, EDF, IDDRI, Costa Rica por siempre, WWF Africa, Sao Paulo State, IPBES, IUBS, Biodiversa+, Invivo, Agropolis Foundation, UNCTAD, Banque de France, African Developpement Bank, PAMEx, RARE, Ocean Climate Plateform,  UN Multi-faith advisory council, PBL, SDI Morocco and many more.

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