Frequently asked questions

The name of the project is: Post-2020 Biodiversity Framework – EU Support.

This initiative seeks to bring together key public and non-state actors to develop and implement concrete transformative solutions and to support the prompt implementation of key transformative issues for the Post 2020 Global Biodiversity Framework, recently renamed The Biodiversity Plan for Life on Earth.

Biodiversity loss threatens the foundations of our economies and societies. The danger of inaction is high and anticipated to increase. A quick implementation of a robust GBF, the Biodiversity Plan, is required to avoid the catastrophic collapse of ecosystems and the extinction of one million threatened species that would undermine hard-won environmental gains.

Our goal is to facilitate the effective adoption and the prompt implementation of a transformative Global Biodiversity Framework, the Biodiversity Plan.

We want to engage with:

  • Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity and national governments.
  • Civil Society including Women, Youth and Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities.
  • Cities, Local and Subnational Governments.
  • Private sector.
  • Philanthropy and Finance sector.
  • Academia and Science.
  • International, governmental, and non-governmental organizations.

Our claim is: Transformative Actions. Together for Nature & People.

We support an appeal to act now, recognizing the absolute necessity of safeguarding biodiversity for present and future generations by committing and delivering real transformative actions by all stakeholders.

First by attending many international and regional meetings or summits on Climate and SDGs and promoting the biodiversity agenda.

Second, by Involving stakeholders in the field of climate action on the question of biodiversity loss.

The project is funded by the EU and is implemented by Expertise France. Expertise France is the French public agency for international technical assistance. We are working closely with the European Commission and European Delegations in our partner countries. However, we have a neutral position that only seeks to contribute to the implementation of an ambitious Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework – The Biodiversity Plan for Life on Earth.

Our team is mainly based in Paris, France. For punctual activities, we hire short-term in-country teams.

We also work with international experts for the production of knowledge products and the implementation of campaigns.

Our team is composed by 7 people:

The team leader, Hugo Rivera Mendoza (Expertise France), is an Austrian-Guatemalan project manager, business development manager and biodiversity policy expert with a demonstrated history of working in the environmental consulting and development cooperation sector. He has relevant experience in projects related to biodiversity, sustainable use of genetic resources in agriculture, international relations and green diplomacy related to biodiversity and sustainable development, as well as integrated rural development and the climate-biodiversity nexus. Hugo has significant negotiations, operations management and analytical skills. He holds a master’s degree in Knowledge Transfer and Intercultural Communication.

Pierre Walter, Deputy Team Leader (Expertise France), provides full support to overseeing and controlling the project’s operational, administrative and financial monitoring, collating monitoring and evaluation data, managing the reporting and coordination with the project’s Steering Committee and ensuring that procurement and Expertise France rules and regulations are upheld. With a dual education in environmental and social sciences (Sciences Po and Sorbonne University), he has extensive experience as project officer and project manager for international organizations and NGOs.

The Coordinator for Knowledge Management and Capacity Building, Nicolas Thomas (Expertise France), is in charge of the establishment of activity strategies, implementation of project activities, partner coordination and the management of expertise. Nicolas holds master degrees in water management and geography and a degree in biology. He has extensive experience in managing components and activities for projects related to conservation and area management for international organizations.

Natalia Mendes Correa, Project Officer for Administrative and Financial matters, is responsible for the administrative and financial management of the project’s activities, including but not limited to contracts and public procurement, relations with service providers, financial monitoring, monitoring and evaluation. She has worked for international development organizations and has been at Expertise France since 2018.

The Communications Officer, Alexandra Eremina (Expertise France), has a sound knowledge of international cooperation issues and technical skills in communication strategy and production, as well as in digital communication including website and social media management. She holds master degrees in international relations and international law.

Didier Babin, Senior Strategic and Scientific Advisor to the project, is a French-Canadian expert from the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD). He has significant experience in biodiversity, ecosystem accounting and geography. Didier worked several years as a Senior Officer at the Secretariat of the CBD in Montreal and is now the President of the Man and Biosphere (UNESCO) French committee. His early professional career includes 15 years as a Researcher at the Environment and Society Department and several years as an International Expert. He holds a PhD in Geography and Spatial Planning.

The Senior Stakeholder Engagement and Partnerships Advisor, Corinne Brunois, is an independent Swiss-French communication expert. She has more than 25 years of experience as Director of Marketing & Communication both in the private and NGO sectors, strong international and environmental experiences and holds a HEC (equiv. MBA) and Business Law degree.

No, we are not EU officers. Expertise France was chosen by the EU to implement the second phase of this challenging project.

We will focus our work on 10 priority countries, but also work regionally and internationally. Based on a number of exchanges and analyses, the priority countries have been selected based on the following criteria:

  • High ambition, commitment and visibility for relevant topics at the international and regional level;
  • Active country in the CBD negotiations;
  • Existing active cooperation with EUD/EU projects;
  • Existing implementation of project priority topics;
  • Megadiverse, large country;

Engaged stakeholders with track record of collaboration with the project.

The budget is 4 M€. Around 2.5 M€ will be dedicated to the organization of all the activities and associated costs. The rest of the budget will cover human resources, coordination, communication tools, travels, equipment etc.

Given a very crowded international agenda in relation to all the relevant topics, we chose to attend/support the events depending on:


  • Relevance of the theme covered and its connection to our key challenges
  • Attendance (participants list) targeted and the connection to the stakeholders we want to engage with;
  • Location of the event and possible connection to key countries.
  • Opportunity in relation to our programme of work;
  • Partnership opportunities to ensure greater impact

Take a look at our timeline to get fresh news on our most recent events.