Brazil is estimated to have 15-20% of the world’s biological diversity, with the most endemic rate of species on a global scale. The list of Brazil’s known biodiversity is constantly expanding, with 700 new animal species discovered each year.

For many years, Brazil has been facing deforestation, agricultural expansion and the conversion of forests to farmland.

In 2016, Brazil adopted a National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) to achieve the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in line with the Aichi Targets. In 2020, the Government of Brazil adopted the Low Carbon Agriculture Plan to promote technologies and agronomic practices that can enhance climate resilience and preserve the environment.

Engaging subnational and local Governments (SNLGs) in the global biodiversity framework implementation is crucial, as urbanization and ecosystems degradation are inextricably linked.

SNLGs have key responsibilities for environmental education as well as the design, assessment, and governance of economic incentives and subsidies to accelerate transformative actions at the territorial, rural and urban levels.

In partnership with Brazilian authorities, our project aims to build a strong and fruitful relationship with the Brazilian government and subnational territories to strengthen a local and sub-national biodiversity policy and empowerment towards the global biodiversity framework implementation.

On June 2022, our project supported the organization of the 2nd WorldBio event in Brazil with the Secretary for Infrastructure and Environment of the State Government of Sao Paulo (SIMA) and the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), ICLEI, Regions4 and GIZ, under the coordination of Associação Cunhambebe da Ilha Anchieta (ACIA).

The WolrdBio event served as a platform to reaffirm the importance of SNLGs mobilization for the implementation of the GBF and to identify key local initiatives for the successful and rapid implementation of the new agreement for Nature in Brazil.

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