Brazil engaged in addressing the challenges of climate and biodiversity at subnational and local levels

Our project supports the National Association of Municipalities and Environment (ANAMMA) in mobilizing South-American actors for more sustainable cities in the Continent .

National Association of Municipalities and Environment, The ANAMMA Institute, ALPA Climate Solutions, in partnership with the Argentine Network of Municipalities against Climate Change (RAMCC) organized the second International Forum of Sustainable Cities - Climate & Biodiversity (FICS) on November the 10th and 11th in Maceió (AL), Brazil.

Brazil, Cities, Subnational & Local Governments.

The Forum was held during UNFCCC COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh. Its aims was to reach the commitment and strengthening of South-American alliances in combating climate change and reversing biodiversity loss. 

“This Forum is a great opportunity to encourage municipalities and other actors to decide and establish actions that make cities receptive to the protection of biodiversity and help overcome the challenges related to climate change,” said Marçal Cavalcanti, President of ANAMMA.

As part of the program, participants called out for the urgency to take actions, especially from municipalities and government agencies, together with the active participation of civil society, to ensure transformative changes and lasting impacts.

Building on the results of the World Bio international event hosted by the State of Sao Paulo on 7th to 9th June 2022, participants of the Forum actively attended an innovative and creative activity on “How to turn dreams into regenerative practices for more sustainable cities?“. The workshop was patronized by our project and aimed at co-creating the reGeneRAção program- a leadership training program of subnational, local and community governments. This program, will contribute to the formation of subnational and local leaders engaged in solving the challenges of Climate and Biodiversity, from nature-based solutions.

 Participants from various regions of Brazil and different sectors of society – representatives of municipal governments, companies, civil society organizations, media, academia, educational entities and judicial bodies, such as the Public Prosecutor’s Office – were part of this participatory process. This process highlighted the importance to listen to those who face or will face the consequences of climate change and biodiversity loss and created a repository to collect their needs.

Oliver Hillel, Programme Officer at the Secretariat of the Convention on Biodiversity, pointed out that during COP15 in Montreal, the strategic framework for mainstreaming biodiversity in all economic sectors over the next ten years will be adopted. “All UN agencies and all multilateral development banks will be invited to bring biodiversity “into” their actions and consider the impacts of every decision made on the support that biodiversity is for life on earth.”

As Maria Zulmira De Souza from CoLiBri Cidades stated: “The development of cities can happen respecting biodiversity, with correct decisions for natural resources use, reducing the impact on the environment and transforming them into great allies to improve the quality of people’s life”.

Hugo Rivera Mendoza, Team Leader, Post 2020 Biodiversity Framework – EU support project, concluded by: “Cities are an example of decisive action to address and reverse both the climate and the biodiversity crisis. Subnational and local governments are gaining recognition at the international level and this initiative is an excellent example of the kind of coalitions that are needed for climate and nature, right at the heart of the economic and social development of cities.

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