Youth networks mobilized during Biodiversity Week 2020

Joining Youth in the largest global biodiversity movement towards the next half-century of action for our planet!
International Biodiversity Week raised awareness about the building blocks of nature and ecosystems, drive initiatives – big and small -, gave youth across the globe a collaborative platform, and demanded bold action for Nature and People. Youth networks led the way.

Over Biodiversity Week (May 18-22), the Global Youth Biodiversity Network flooded the digital landscape with global conversations, calls to action, empowering videos, exciting activities and video teach-ins about the vital links between biodiversity and climate change, traditional knowledge, health, food security, and culture.

This action-packed week led to the International Day for Biological Diversity where all themes came together, highlighting the intrinsic relationship between Biodiversity, Nature and all aspects of human life.

Tune in to GYBN’s website and social media channels, including those of its Chapters around the globe, to check out the actions undertaken during Biodiversity Week.

Watch GYBN’s short Film: “Getting Ready for the Biodiversity Week”

Watch GYBN’s call to action video for Biodiversity Week: