Intergenerational Dialogue on Planetary Action

Intergenerational Dialogue on Planetary Action
Highlighting the importance of transformative change to support youth activities for the planet
Led by youth constituencies, in cooperation with youth organizations, the Intergenerational Dialogue on Planeraty Action took place on July 13.

The event included the interventions from UN agencies, member states’ youth representatives, youth and children focussed organizations. With more than 50 participants connected from all parts of the globe, the dialogue was the space for the exchange of opinions, experiences and ideas.

Among the key-notes speakers, the event has the words from Ms. Ligia Norohna, UNEP, Ms.Chantal Robichaud, CBD, Mr. Vidyut Mohan, Young Champion of Earth UN Awardee, Representative from Office of Secretary-General Youth Envoy (OSGEY) Joshua Amponsen.

They highlighted the importance of a transformative change, and the creation of effective mechanisms to support youth activities across the world but also how important is policy literacy.

Youth groups and partners, speakers representing GYBN, YOUNGO, UN Forests Forum Youth Constituency, SDG 7 Youth Constituency, Oceans Youth Constituency, WMG – UNEA UNEP, Generation Climate Europe / Youth Environment Europe, Fridays for future, OneMillionOfUs and Children and Youth Major Group of UNEP shared their priorities and upcoming actions as well as some challenges that they are facing at this time. One of the interesting aspects was many of them agree on Inclusive youth participation. They also talked about Mental health awareness, transnational solidarity and investment in frontline/marginalized communities.

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