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Exploring dimensions of the Pavilion’s Call to Action for an Equitable, Carbon-Neutral,Nature-Positive World
The Global Goals for Nature and Climate Series consisted of two initial TV programs, which explored dimensions of the Pavilion’s Call to Action for an Equitable, Carbon-Neutral, Nature-Positive World, which was launched at the UN Biodiversity Summit in 2020. These two TV programs are co-produced and will be televised by EarthX TV streaming platform (with over 2 million viewers) as part of launching their “Road to Glasgow” series.

The Global Goals for Nature and Climate Earthxtv program convened experts from the fields of equitable development, biodiversity, and climate to explore how to address the interplay between climate change, nature loss and equity, which lies at the heart of the global planetary emergency. We were recording 8 sessions featuring 19 speakers spanning five continents—from non-profits, businesses, international development and conservation organizations, government, youth, Indigenous leaders, activists, scientists, and environmental lawyers. 

The Post-2020 Pavilion is a collaborative effort by an international partnership of many of the world’s largest environment development NGOs, foundations, as well as several UN organisations and representatives of youth, Indigenous Peoples, Cities and subnational governments and the business sector (see cover page). The Pavilion Partners are united in their collective drive for transformative change to ensure that the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) is sufficiently ambitious, scientifically grounded, and mission-aligned to achieve an Equitable, Nature-Positive, Carbon-Neutral future. 

The Post 2020 Pavilion is an outgrowth of the IUCN World Conservation Congress scheduled for September 2021 in Marseille. During the spring-summer of 2020, the Post-2020 Pavilion convened a series of virtual biodiversity dialogues that convened the Partnership together with experts from diverse backgrounds to address key issues in the post-2020 GBF negotiations. The key outcome of the webinars was a joint “Call to Action”, which was drafted collectively and signed by 15 CEOs from partner organisations.

This Call to Action for an Equitable, Nature-Positive, Carbon Neutral world was launched jointly with several other civil society calls to action on 18 September 2020, in advance of the United Nations General Assembly and Summit on Biodiversity. These two tv programs are exploring the Nature-Positive and the Equity parts of the Call to Action. 

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