EarthX: Global Goals for Nature, Climate & People

Exploring the pathway to an equitable, carbon-neutral, nature-positive future
Presented by the Post 2020 Pavilion in collaboration with EarthxTV
In order to create an equitable, carbon-neutral, nature-positive future, new global goals must address the interlinked challenges of nature loss, the climate emergency and social justice. Global Goals for Nature, Climate & People is a new TV program that explored these ideas through conversations with 19 knowledge holders and experts from around the world.

The Post-2020 Pavilion Partnership has produced a new TV program called Global Goals for Nature, Climate & People, which was launched on April 20th, 2021, on EarthxTV, to explore how we can build an equitable, carbon-neutral, nature-positive world.

This program had two hour-long shows exploring what “nature-positive” means and how it can be achieved in an equitable way. This program features engaging conversations between scientists, community organizers, government officials, Indigenous and local community leaders, and the business community.

Global Goals for Nature, Climate & People is be available on demand to watch on EarthxTV.

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