Mainstreaming & Governance


Integrating biodiversity considerations into policies, practices and economic activities that affect or depend on nature and its services requires an integrative and holistic approach. Targets 14 and 21 but also 10, 12, 15, 16 18 and 23 of the GBF particularly address Mainstreaming and Governance.

Mainstreaming biodiversity into sectoral policies and economic activities is key for achieving transformative change. It is essential if we want to halt biodiversity loss and restore nature.

Besides economic sectors, it is intrinsically linked to policies coherence and participatory decision-making process, alleviating poverty and inequality, improving the health, prosperity and security of present and future generations, and the fight against climate change.

We support specific efforts to integrate biodiversity concerns into inclusive key strategic or sector policy and planning documents and processes.

We support the development or use of mainstreaming approaches, tools and instruments for specific targets and actions within key sectors.
We support dialogue and knowledge transfer on actual investment in biodiversity, monitoring and adaptive governance to achieve effective implementation of mainstreaming at national, subnational and local level by all stakeholders.

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