Engaging all stakeholders


As a framework for all, the mobilization, inclusion and commitment of the largest possible range of stakeholders can enable effective change in national policy by mainstreaming biodiversity in practice and showing how policy can support these contributions.

Transformative change for biodiversity means action by countries, but with significant support from civil society and non-state actors at all levels.

Their contributions to reconciling the long-term dynamics of ecosystems’ evolution with the short-term dynamics of rapid socio-economic development are increasingly valued, but they are still not sufficiently included in planning, governance, financing and implementation.

We support the whole-of-government and the whole-of-society efforts to raise awareness for biodiversity among stakeholders, especially those not traditionally engaged in its mainstreaming.

We also work towards mobilizing stakeholders, both those who impact nature and those who depend on it, to express commitments and implement transformative actions on the ground.

Together with our partners, we promote convergence and synergies between various actors at different levels of governance for the prompt and concrete implementation of the Global Biodiversity Framework.

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