World Environment Day, Possible Dialogues Program 2020 – Brazil

Discussing new perspectives on “Nature and People, bio-development and the new related challenges for our planet”
On the World Environment Day, this webinar launched the Possible Dialogue program, to foster transdisciplinary debates on new ideas and approaches for a fairer and more inclusive society bringing Man to live in harmony with Nature.

This initiative is run by the Instituto Espinhaço, a civil society organization promoting sustainable development, nature conservation and restoration, and the valorization and preservation of the natural and cultural heritage in Brazil.
The organization actively took part to the Post 2020 Biodiversity Framework – EU support project activities in Brazil.

The Institute recently presented its ecosystem restoration activities at the conference “BIO2020 – Brazilian Perspectives on the Post-2020 Biodiversity Framework” (Sao Paulo, February 2020) and at the preparatory workshop “Integrated Local Approaches to Ecosystems Restoration Governance” (November 2019).

The event brought together participants from various fields to discuss new perspectives on the theme “Nature and People, bio-development and the new related challenges for our planet”.

The program addressed how the integrated management of territories, active citizenship, nature-based solutions and the 2030 Agenda can help us shape a better future on earth.

Post 2020 Biodiversity Framework- EU support project reflected on transformative change in the international governance of biodiversity in the next global biodiversity framework context.

With a cross-sectorial and multidisciplinary perspective, the webinar provided an integrated analysis on the “ecologization” of citizen thinking for bio-development in Latin America, the challenges and opportunities for sustainable development in Brazil, the new model of sustainable development post-pandemic and the role multilateralism in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda, as well as the potential of nature-based solutions for Latin America, etc.

Discussions featured the following panelists:

  • Elisabeth Chouraki, Project Officer – Post 2020 Biodiversity Framework – EU support
  • Marília Carvalho de Melo (Brazil), Director, Instituto Mineiro de Gestão das Águas
  • Ricardo Ghelman (Brazil), Doctor & WHO expert
  • Luiz Oosterbeek (Portugal) –Chair Humanities & Cultural Integrated Landscape Management UNESCO
  • Oscar Rivas (Paraguay) – Former Minister for the Environment of Paraguay
  • Fábio Soares Eon (Brazil) – Natural & social sciences coordinator UNESCO
  • Sinivaldo Tavares (Brazil) – Theologist PUC-RS
  • Evandro Vieira Ouriques (Brazil), Social scientist ECO/UFRJ
  • Álvaro Vallejo Rendón (Ecuador), Regional Director IUCN
  • Fernando Ortega (Peru), Vice director CONCYTEC

Read more about the event in Portuguese here.

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