World Conservation Congress Post-2020 Pavilion – Global Goal for Nature: Nature Positive by 2030

Making concrete recommendations for improving biodiversity targets
Held on July 15th, this World Conservation Congress Post-2020 Pavilion's session examined the importance of a clear, science-based Global Apex Goal, that is measurable and communicable, is also needed for nature.

A Global Apex Goal for Nature needs to clearly signal to decision makers, markets and the public that we must stop losing nature and begin a process of restoration. Simply put, we need to “protect the best and improve the rest”. A Global Apex Goal for Nature needs to be embedded in a narrative that highlights the need to value nature for the benefit of people, as well as be accompanied by an equitable benefit sharing and just socio-economic transition.

The session made concrete recommendations for improving targets under negotiation, especially targets to address drivers, targets for environmental defenders, targets for unsustainable production and consumption, the species conservation target. The Pavilion Partnership has an important opportunity to frame powerful messages about how the goals and targets under negotiation need to be strengthened to ensure that ambition levels are duly increased. In order to bend the curve of biodiversity loss, we need to bend the curve of inequality.

Therefore this session also considered how the post-2020 global biodiversity framework must better integrate governance, human rights and equitable sharing of benefits and costs.

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