Towards a common youth position on the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Network

Rallying youth voices for national consultations
The Global Youth Biodiversity network rolls out an international campaign of consultations aimed at gathering young people’ ambitions, aspirations and demands to world leaders as the road to Kunming opens. National consultations and intergenerational dialogues will be held throughout the first semester of 2021, and consolidated in a common Youth Position in coherence with the Youth Manifesto for Nature.

As part of its international efforts to bring youth voices to the negotiating table of the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework, GYBN launched a series of national consultation to gather views from their chapters, partners and other young people committed to raisin ambitions for biodiversity action in 2021. As part of their wider mobilization and outreach campaign, the consultations will have a double purpose:

  • receiving inputs and opinions to feed in the common youth position to be presented at the various rounds of CBD negotiations;
  • creating a dialogue between youth constituencies and their national authorities, via the presentation of the consultations’ outcomes during national intergenerational dialogues.

“We have a 2030, 2040 and 2050 vision, to Living in Harmony within Nature. We think that we as humans are part of Nature and cannot protect biodiversity outside. It is everywhere.” Mirna Inés Fernández Pradel, GYBN Bolivia

To date, GYBN has already supported consultations in Bolivia, Canada, Colombia, Europe, Haiti, India, Kenya, Lebanon, , Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa and Uganda. The series of activities will keep unfolding over the course of the first semester of 2021.

Once the consultations are finalized, GYBN will consolidate them into a Youth Position document, which will be shared in the various rounds of negotiations leading up to COP15. The Position Paper is another tool in a growing movement of youth mobilization for nature, including the Youth Manifesto and Open Letter, the Your Promise Our Future campaign and many other initiatives aimed at getting young people’s voices heard and valued in and across sectors for Nature and People.

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