SBSTTA23: Latin American & Caribbean perspectives – Montreal

Addressing stronger integration of biodiversity actors through a regional perspective.

This side-event held on November 28th during Montreal SBSTTA23 presented the first reflections, products (series of videos, workshop summary) and the next steps of a collective work undertaken by high-level biodiversity LAC experts from biodiversity knowledge and management institutions, governments (including negotiators), academia and from organizations with a regional or global perspective, met at ECLAC headquarters (Santiago, Chile). Participants shared their concrete experiences of on-the-ground implementation, visions of national policy development for the strengthening of science and policy interactions and the development of a regional vision for the post-2020 framework.

November 28, 2019 Biodiversity, Canada, LAC.

The side-event raised CBD delegates awareness of the challenges the underlying causes of biodiversity loss, enabling conditions, sustainable use and biodiversity nexus discussed at the workshop held in Santiago. It introduced the first part of the workshop output with two videos on Latin America and the Caribbean perspective, and biodiversity and climate change convergence for UNFCCC COP25.

Over 40 participants took part to the debate. An experts panel included:

  • Aleksandar Rankovic, IDDRI
  • Marcia Tambutti, CEPAL
  • Experts from IPBES, SBSTTA bureau, national ministries and LAC biodiversity knowledge and management institutions

Latin America’s cultural diversity make it better equipped to think differently and develop perspectives about development rooted with unique values, with a particularly active civil society that challenges the things that can be improved.

Its assets for biodiversity management include a protected areas system mixing strict conservation and mosaic areas with local communities exploring sustainable use potential and valuing traditional knowledge, a rich academic community with strong scientific based research, and a set of inspirational and diverse pilot initiatives related to mainstreaming and payment for ecosystem services engaging the economic sector.

“Latin America suffers from typical roman law implementation symptoms – i.e. an over-leniency and flexibility in implementation that undermines the required detailed follow up required of progress.” Hesiquio Benitez, CONABIO – Mexico

The region still suffers from the lack of relevant legal frameworks, innovative incentives and enabling public policies, a lack of political will and over-leniency over laws implementation, divisions among countries and the absence of a single regional institution coordinating biodiversity policies in the region.

A workshop report and a set of three other thematic videos will be issued by the end of the year. The work engaged will result in the collective construction of scientific articles by the different Latin American and Caribbean institutions involved under the coordination of IDDRI and CEPAL. A second back to back meeting mobilizing the agriculture negotiators to the climate change convention, to create a network of experts on this topic, will be organized shortly.






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