Intergenerational Leadership Dialogue, New York

Intergenerational Leadership Dialogue, New York
Creating bridges between youth groups and building identities
From July 9 to 11, a diverse group of people working on climate, gender, indigenous, rights and sustainable business joined together at the Intergenerational Leadership Dialogue in New York this summer. During this period they exchanged their different visions and plans regarding the global issues and how to align narratives and positions between the diverse participants' agendas.

During this event, participants identified some common demands. For example, how important it is to have a safe, flourishing, space where people can be vulnerable, sensible and develop a sense of community Where young people can build identity, confidence and bring all collective and individual potential out. Participants also discussed decolonization, how to bring balance, equity and justice to our societies, agendas and institutions in order to deconstruct and transform the narrative and embrace cultural diversity.

Moreover, they talked about the culture of lifelong learning and transformative education, a way of learning that fosters critical thinking, collaboration and nurtures the process of everyone shaping their own values and the need for include this way of learning in our societies.

This dialogue allowed the group to develop ideas to “create bridges” that unite countries, causes, generations, cultures and how to foster collaboration and companionship. They reflected on youth challenges in this socio-ecological crisis and the kind of channels and resources that young people need. Finally, they agree on together with different youth groups and present some of the dialogues’ outcomes in different spaces in the upcoming months.

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