#StopTheSame! for youth, biodiversity and our future

Campagne Stop The Same
GYBN launches a global campaign urging all to engage in the path to transformative actions and demand bold decisions at CBD COP15.
“What got us here won’t take us forward. It is high time to stop the same, change and help all of us – the planet and people – achieve sustainable, equitable, just and healthy lives.” On the occasion of International Day for Biological Diversity 2021, GYBN mobilized youth across the world to call for a shift in Nature governance. #DiversityRocks

As the celebrations around May 22nd unfold, the Global Youth Biodiversity Network and its supporters around the planet shared pictures of degraded ecosystems and destructive activities to both Nature and People. Underlining how the current course of action in an already degraded present will lead to an even more degraded and hopeless future for the youth, #StopTheSame urges those in power, decision-makers, influencers and all people to pursue a whole of society, systemic, transformative change.

We are at an existential crossroads, facing every day the consequences of a global socio-ecological crisis, deeply rooted in societal values and economic and political priorities that are driving biodiversity and climate collapse.GYBN

Young people are ready to collectively take on the challenge of leading this turn from the SAME deforestation, SAME exploitation, SAME damages, SAME pollution and SAME injustice. Via this campaign, GYBN will invite every individual and organisation to embark in a journey towards valuing diversity in all its forms, and drawing a more sustainable future for people and the planet. #Build Back Diverse

We are taking a stance against sameness and ushering in a new era of healing diversity.GYBN

On International Day for Biological Diversity, GYBN is calling out the power of diverse voices, ideas, people and planet. “The time for the same is over.” The campaign will run through the various Nature milestones of 2021 – World Environment Day, IUCN World Conservation Congress, CBD negotiations – and intersect with the many youth-led solutions already supported via #YourPromiseOurFuture.

We want transformation, we want diversity, we want justice! #STOPTHESAMEGYBN

Learn more about #StopTheSame and #YourPromiseOurFuture, sign the Youth Manifesto For Nature and join the movement!


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