EU Workshop on transformative change in the global post-2020 Biodiversity Framework

Discussing options on how to translate principles of transformative change into actions.
From June 23rd to 26th 2020, the European Commission’s Directorates-General for Research & Innovation and Environment, together with the Croatian Presidency of the Council of the European Union organised a 3-days virtual workshop, supported by Eklipse, the EU science-policy mechanism on biodiversity and ecosystem services, and Post-2020 Biodiversity Framework . EU Support.

The main objective of this workshop was to bring together and engage scientists and policymakers in a transparent dialogue on transformative change. Building on the work of the Convention on Biological Diversity on the process towards the post-2020 global biodiversity framework, participants discussed options on how to translate principles of transformative change into actions, goals, targets and pathways to reach the CBD’s objectives and 2050 Vision.Transformative change across the economic, social, political and technological sectors has been identified as a crucial precondition to bend the curve of biodiversity loss (IPBES, 2019). This is echoed in similar calls from the European Environment Agency’s report on Sustainability transitions (2019), or the Convention on Biological Diversity’s fifth Global Biodiversity Outlook (2020).However, understanding of how transformative change can be leveraged at the level of global governance for biodiversity policies could be improved. In other words: what could transformative change consist of?  How could it be integrated into, and be facilitated by, the upcoming post-2020 global biodiversity framework? These questions, discussed in the necessary, concrete details, will open the space to trigger transformative change for biodiversity.More than 150 participants from 48 different countries took part in the workshop. Attendees contributed to lively exchanges based on an in-depth background document compiled by Eklipse. The view expressed fed into a wider report, which will be submitted to the CBD in hopes to support negotiations around such a cornerstone of the path towards living in harmony with Nature.The conversation was facilitated by Estelle Balian FEAL (Lead Facilitator), Karl Danskin CollectivityNow (Technical facilitator), Todd Erickson Co-creative Consulting (Collaborative platform facilitator).The workshop report is available here.Watch the video on transformative change and the outcomes of the workshop:

Find out more in our publication : Expertise #30 – Embedding Transformative Change in Global Biodiversity Governance produced in partnership with Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, Norwegian Institute for Nature Research & Utrecht and Durham University. 

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