Colombia National Consultation Workshop on Post-2020 – Bogotá

"Living in Harmony with Nature": Discussing CBD Zero Draft from the Colombian perspective

Held in Bogotá from the 5th to 6th of February, this workshop, organized by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development will focus on initiating the set up of a national agenda when it comes to biodiversity and post-2020 global biodiversity framework.

Colombia, Governance, Latin America & Caribbean, Multilateral Agreements, Sustainable Use.

For the very first time, Colombia defined a national position on post-2020 global biodiversity framework, collectively with production sectors and civil society.

With the leadership of the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Ricardo Lozano, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, a workshop was held in Bogota, in which multiple stakeholders attended the workshop including civil society private sector, government representatives, all aiming at drawing a common roadmap for the identification of a Colombian agenda Post-2020.

In this workshop, various stakeholders such as agriculture, fishing, mining, energy, IPLCs, environmental organizations, local representatives, and experts discussed with government representatives (trade, industry, agriculture, foreign affairs, environment, planning…).

This space for dialogue was the opportunity to discuss national priorities in the perspective of OEWG3 that will be held in Cali from July 27th to 31st where 194 countries will meet to keep building synergies for common commitments for post-2020 global biodiversity framework.

In this perspective, the participants identified several key priorities for Colombia:

  • Improving inclusion of civil society and production sectors that reduce biodiversity loss and valorize its importance on life quality of the Colombian people.
  • Engaging more resources, financial instruments and strategies enabling further sustainability.
  • Awareness raising on interrelationship between people and nature as interdependent entities and not antagonistic.
  • Decisions must be knowledge-based
  • Ensuring that policy implementation on biodiversity includes the topics of sustainable consumption and production.

“One of the main propositions that must be part of this national roadmap is to create a general overview on how important biodiversity is on national and international level, and the necessity to work in full coordination between the different production sectors and civil society”Ricardo Lozano, Colombian Minister of Environment.

The Minister of Environment underlined the support of the European Union and Expertise France in the organization of this national workshop that every participants described as a real success.






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